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Paula Page

The Americans went wild over 48" Virginia ' Ding Dong' Bell but English breast men never quite got over the sensational Paula Page known affectionately in the trade as 'Two Guns Paula'. Never before or since has a model claimed so much attention due to the incredible size of her breasts.

It was inevitable that during the decade of breast fascination and bountiful blonde bombshell that Paula would rise to pin-up Queen stardom. Which, much to her own dismay , she did.

Paula was born in Shropshire in the late 1930's and studied to be a typist at school. Her first professional job was as a van driver, which she dutifully relayed to George Harrison Marks whilst driving to a location for a shoot. " George dear, you must always drive as though you have an invalid in the back" ! He took her advice.

Paula first took to nude modelling when she realised how much attention her 44DD 23 36 figure attracted. "Well, she quipped to her musician boyfriend " I may as well make the most of these while they are hanging around" !

Having attracted a big, big following for her Strip Lingerie Poses in Frills, Six, Carnival and Fiesta she contacted Harrison Marks studio on Gerrard Street.

Pamela picks up the story........

"We had heard of Paula. I recall George staring at her picture and shouting " Cor that will sell".

She was a quiet, sweet girl and very friendly too. She would come and stay over at our house. Men loved women with a bit of meat on them. Paula was so skinny with these enormous breasts and big boobs always sold well."

By 1959 Paula had moved with her boyfriend to Hampstead and though she had no real wish to become a full time model the legend of her breasts had placed her as a hot commodity as "The very biggest of the big girls".

Pamela and Paula became good friends. Paula was really very pretty and dyed her hair blonde to give herself a Marilyn Monroe look, but her breasts caused her a lot of embarresment

Paula became popular in American features and appeared in hundreds of magazines being voted by Knave as Miss Fantastic 1959. She also appeared in Nightcap, Chic, Honey, Sparkle and 40 plus magazines in the sixties.

But by this time Paula was scaling down her appearances and working exclusively for Harrison Marks studio on Gerrard Street. Eventually Paula became a secretary there before moving to the West Country to become a caretaker in a Country Mansion.

During her reign as a pin-up bosom Queen Paula made over 1,000 magazine appearances which are still run and re run today. Her movies are still eagerly collected and appear follows, Striptease Blonde, All In A Days Work, Peachy Paula 1958, Presenting Paula Page, Bookworm, Making Hay, Model Mechanics, Nautical Nudes, Strip N Clean, For Those Who Think Big, Miss Stockholm 1962, Britains 44 plus Girl 1963.

Today Paula is a legend. As Roger Davies recalls " Out of a parade of big breasted girls Paula had the distinction of being the biggest. A girl and a bust to remember, which I do". Thanks to Neil Kendal for the above.


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Paula Page
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