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June Palmer Picture

June Palmer History

June Palmer was born on the 1st August 1940, her parents little knowing the impact that in later years she was to make on the male population, both at home and abroad. With June Palmer's fabulous figure, hair and face, she was the stuff boys and men dreamt of, June Palmer's pin-up poses adorning many a wall and locker door, the magazines June Palmer featured in safely tucked under a pillow or inside a drawer to be carefully removed in private.

Becoming probably the most famous Harrison Marks model June Palmer is still gaining new fans from all corners of the globe as well as delighting her original admirers who are thrilled to discover new publications (featuring original negatives) entirely devoted to June Palmer.

Although June Palmer was often associated with George Harrison Marks, there was another partnership less well known. That of June Palmer and Arthur Howell, the man who both discovered and married her. They were together for about ten years and together ran ‘Strobe Studio’, Clapham, London.

The collection of poses featured here are a stunning example of that partnership. Arthur Howell was and is a very accomplished photographer and a fascinating and charming man who in his own right has lead an exciting and very varied career. His acting roles in films included, amongst others, Michael Caine’s stand in, and as a professional stunt man he appeared in all the famous James Bond films including Goldfinger and Dr. No. He was a familiar face in television making many appearances in the hit series Robin Hood and The Persuaders. An all round very talented artist as anyone can see from this super personal collection of photographs.

Corsica, we are told, and various other Meditteranean locations were used as the setting for what comes across as a quite unique assortment of poses. June radiates health and happiness as she poses for her husband. A perfect situation for using body oil which, as you are all aware, accentuates June Palmer's curves and splendour to perfection.....Nude and oiled for the privacy of their villa, topless and nude as June Palmer sits on the beach, draped in open negligee as she sits on the villa steps, bikini clad for the beach bar, nude as June Palmer stands in the sea. Wonderful.

Be warned, this collection of stunning original photographs featured in ‘June Palmer On Holiday’ could prove to be expensive! The atmosphere that June Palmer and photographer have created has such a vivid impact that you are inclined to book the next flight out and rent a villa in some hot and sunny location. (Keep this one hidden from wives and girlfriends!)

Also known as June Power birhday August 1st 1993 53 years old at that time. Married Arthur Howell aged about 78 in 1993 now divorced, she married again and is still married as at 2000.

Sadly Arthur died in August 2003 and June died very suddenly in January 2004